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Railworks P42DC HEP Addition and Physics Mod

This is the P42DC Physics Upgrade and HEP Version Addition pack.

In order to utilize this freeware physics upgrade, you must have purchased the Amtrak P42 DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On pack available at Steam:

This is a freeware pack; in no way is it to be used for commercial purposes. You are free, however to further modify the physics enhancements found in this pack for personal use if you so choose.

THIS IS NOT A SOUND UPGRADE PACK. Physics adjustments made around the existing sounds.

The purpose of this pack is to correct some physics errors in the original P42DC pack. Parameter Change Log:

  1. 1a. Change RPM range to 200 - 1047 and adjusted fuel consumption rates based on information here:

  2. Lowered RPM change rate from 40 to 30.

  3. Adjust Tractive Effort down to real world values. Default TE ratings are too high.

  4. Adjust Braking Effort curve to simulate realism.

  5. Adjust amp limits so that the in cab ammeter displays properly.

  6. Increased weight from 121 tons to 130 tons to simulate fully loaded locomotive

  7. Increased fuel capacity from 1800 gallons to 2200 gallons.

  8. Increased air brake application and release rates. Original rates are painfully and unrealistically slow.

This pack also converts the NC locomotives (the locomotives that do not have crew members in the cabs) into HEP running versions.

The parameter changes for those locomotives are the same as the ones for the non-HEP versions except for the following:

  1. Change RPM range to 900 - 901 and adjusted fuel consumption rates based on information here:

  2. TE Ratings for the HEP versions are lowered realistically, since power is reduced by HEP draw. Calculations for non-HEP locomotive are made with 3850 wheel HP, while calculations for HEP locomotive are made with 3000 wheel HP.

IMPORTANT; Install Instructions

  1. 1. Open the "P42Pack01Assets.ap" pack file with .7z

  2. Proceed to open folders until the .7z directory reads "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\P42Pack01\P42Pack01Assets.ap\RailVehicles\Diesel\".

  3. Then open the "Railworks_P42DC_HEP_Addition_and_Physics_Mod.rar" file.

  4. Take the file folder named "P42DC" and drag it into the .ap file.

  5. Click "OK" when it asks you to Confirm File Copy.

  6. The installation should be complete. Run TS2014 to check.

Thank you for downloading and installing.

Enjoy =)

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