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TS2016 DTG CSX GE C40-8W Physics Mod Pack

This is the DTG Miami CSX GE C40-8W Physics Mod Pack.

In order to utilize this freeware physics upgrade, you must have purchased the Miami - West Palm Beach Route Add-On available at Steam:

This is a freeware pack; in no way is it to be used for commercial purposes. You are free, however to further modify the physics enhancements found in this pack for personal use if you so choose.

THIS IS A PHYSICS UPGRADE PACK. Sounds have not been touched in this pack

The purpose of this pack is to replace the stock US diesel locomotive physics in the Dash 8 with accurate parameters

Technical specifications used in this physics upgrade (

  1. GE C40-8W (GE 7FDL-16; 4150 THP)

    1. Starting tractive effort of 143,735.3 lbs (639.37 kN)

    2. Continuous TE of 108,600 lbs (64.7 kN) @ 11 mph

    3. Dynamic Brake effort of 78,600 lbs (349.63 kN) @ 24.9 mph to 12 mph; extended range sawtooth function between those speeds; linear fade from max brake effort @ 12 mph to 0 lbs @ 3.5 mph; resistor grid rating of 5,213.94 hp (3,891 kW)

    4. Wheel horsepower of 3,752 hp (2,800 kW); 90% efficiency

    5. Weight of 176.68 metric tons (389,500 lbs)

    6. Max traction amps = 1800 (143,735.3 lbs)

    7. Max braking amps = 900 (78,600 lbs)

    8. Engine RPM range = 338 - 1050

    9. RPM change rate (rpm/second) = 18

    10. Fuel consumption range (gph)= 3.6 - 195

    11. Maximum speed of 70 mph

IMPORTANT; Install Instructions

  1. Open the following directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\Miami"

  2. Open the "DTG_CSX_GE_C40-8W_Physics_Mod_Pack.rar" file

  3. Drag the folder from the .rar file into the directory from step 1.

  4. Physics mod installation is complete.

  5. Run TS2015 to confirm.

Thank you for downloading and installing. Please contact me if there is a problem with the functionality of this mod pack.

Enjoy =)

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