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TS2019 DTG Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU Comprehensive Mod Pack

This is the Metro-North Kawasaki M8 Comprehensive Upgrade Pack Version 1.0 for Train Simulator 2015 (12/2/14 M8 Patch Compatible; includes M8 Motor Sound Replacement Pack). In order to utilize this freeware physics & sound upgrade, you must have purchased the Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU Add-On available at Steam:

This is a freeware pack; in no way is it to be used for commercial purposes. You are free, however to further modify the physics enhancements found in this pack for personal use if you so choose.

The purpose of this pack is to improve accuracy of the tractive and braking effort curves, reflect the TE limit in the on-screen TE monitor, and tweak car weights slightly.

In addition, this pack incorporates several important replacement sounds, notably for the horn, air conditioning loop, and traction motor sounds.

Physics Parameter Change Log:

  1. Modified Tractive Effort and Dynamic Brake curves based on 806 kW power rating per car and 11,582.7306 lbf (51.52255 kN) starting effort and 16,216.4234 lfb (72.134 kN) braking effort.

    1. Starting acceleration is now calibrated to the specified 2.0 mph/s from 0 mph to 35 mph.

    2. Maximum braking rate is now 3.0 mph/s attainable from ~25 mph to 0 mph.

  2. Maximum braking achieved with combined power handle @ 45% brake.

  3. Maximum sustainable speed limited to 100 mph via changes to TE curve file.

  4. Ampere parameters adjusted so that cab TE monitor display accurate to the actual tractive effort being applied to the rail.

  5. Weights modified to match those in manual; A car = 65.7 metric tons, B car = 65.22 metric tons

  6. Updated brake pressure specs to be compatible with the M8 patch that was released on 12/2/14.

Sound Parameter Change Log:

  1. Replaced default horn with Leslie RS2M horn (with option to switch between RS2M and WABCO AA2 horn).

  2. Replaced recycled Hitachi Javelin traction motor sounds and sound code with custom sounds from actual M8 trains.

  3. Replaced air conditioning loop sound.

  4. Added custom door sounds.

  5. Added rolling sound; aliased to Shoreliner cars.

IMPORTANT; Install Instructions

  1. Proceed to open folders until your directory reads "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\M8Pack01\".

  2. Then open the "DTG_Metro-North_Kawasaki_M8_EMU_Comprehensive_Mod_Pack.rar" file.

  3. Highlight all folders in the .rar file and drag them into the file directory from step 1.

  4. Click "OK" when if asks you to Confirm File Copy.

  5. The installation should be complete. Run TS2015 to confirm.

Thank you for downloading and installing.

Enjoy =)

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