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TS2020 Lima Berkshire Mod Pack

Lima 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive Mod Pack (5/9/20 update)

Install folders into this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\G-TraX\Trains

Must have the following DLC installed to function: The C&O reskin is available on Railworks America:

This package includes two physics sets:

  • NKP S-2 Berkshire

  • 64,135 lbs tractive effort

  • C&O K-4 Kanawha

  • 69,350 lbs tractive effort

  • 14,400 lbs booster

  • Booster semi-auto functionality included

  • Active between 85% and 66% cutoff on power reverse gear.

  • Recommended maximum operating speed 15 mph.

  • Do not cut in above 7.5 mph.

And 4 whistles:

  • NKP 760 (for NKP locomotive, default)

  • C&O Single Chime (for C&O reskin, default)

  • NC&StL 576 (for either)

  • NKP 700 (currently equipped to 765)

Thanks to Matt Gorres for incorporating the "guest whistle" feature, giving the 765 and the C&O engine a second whistle that can be blown using the Q key.

This pack also incorporates the previously released NKP S-2 Sound Revamp by Berkshirefan765. All credit to him for his work in that department.

You must manually swap whistle files if you choose to change their installation on any specific locomotive. All sound file titles match, so it's a simple matter of copying and pasting.

Enjoy =)

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