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TS2020 Lima Southern Pacific GS-4 Mod Pack

Lima Southern Pacific GS-4 "Daylight" 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive Mod Pack Install folders into this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\G-TraX\Trains

Must have the following DLC installed to function:

This package corrects physical performance issues on the base locomotive:

  • Steam generation.

  • Fuel capacities and consumption.

  • Peak drawbar horsepower; 4,500 hp @ 55 mph.

This pack also simulates for the first time a realistic, semi-automatic trailing truck booster:

  • Controlled via power reverse gear cutoff setting.

  • Booster active between 75% and 60% cutoff on power reverse gear.

  • 64,800 lbs (288 kN) base tractive effort without booster.

  • 78,650 lbs (350 kN) tractive effort with booster.

  • Booster recommended maximum operation speed = 21 MPH (34 km/h).

  • Do not cut in above 10 mph.

And 2 whistles:

  • Step-top Hancock 3-chime Longbell (prototypical GS-4 whistle)

  • Classic Southern Pacific 6-Chime, recorded @ 300 PSI steam pressure; applied to American Freedom Train locomotive only.

This pack now enhances the performance of the American Freedom Train version of the GS-4.

  • Upgraded with roller bearings on all axles (GS-5 standard), decreased rolling resistance.

  • Cylinders bored out from 25.5 inches to 27 inches, raising starting tractive effort and high speed drawbar horsepower.

  • 74,300 lbs (288 kN) base tractive effort without booster.

  • 88,150 lbs (350 kN) tractive effort with booster.

  • 5,050 hp @ 55 mph.

  • It will haul the standard AFT consist, 23 cars (minus the 3 flatcars and potential aux tender) up a 1.9% grade without booster or 2.3% grade with booster.

Enjoy =)

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