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LIRR for Train Sim Classic Announced!

If you haven't see the announcements from DTG (Dovetail Games) The Long Island Rail Road is coming to Train Sim Classic. Unfortunately it is the same routing as the one for TSW, only going as far as Hicksville, but at least now people will be able to make extensions to "points east" as the LIRR would say. Hopefully this will lead to workshop extensions to Ronkonkoma, Port Jefferson and or Montauk. Once the route is released on July 14th I plan to make several real to timetable scenarios including, as always, all AI traffic and if it is a reverse peak train there is going to be a lot of traffic. Based on the announcement it looks like we are only getting the M7s but as this is for classic the M2/M4 pack for the MNR New Haven Line will be able to be run on the LIRR. Hopefully the same developer who made those cars can adapt the model and physics to the LIRR M3 or M1. The other piece of good news about this release is that from the screenshots on the Dovetail live site it appears that they are NOT including the 3rd track between Floral Park and Hicksville so hopefully we will still have all the road crossings.

Screenshots all taken from the Dovetail Live post and are property of Dovetail Games

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my question is how do you get to download metro north shorliner red cab car

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Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez
09. Juli 2022

I wonder if they will include the platform extenders at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens or if it'll just be an exact copy and paste.

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