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UP 4014's Westbound Tour of 2024 Schedule Announced!

The entire schedule can be found here but I'm going to mention some of the highlights here. we already knew that they were heading to Roseville California and back but now we know all of the whistle stops and viewing days.

The as usual they have included a handy map that I have copied here. This one month tour heads through the Feather River Canyon on the way to Roseville and over the Donner Pass on the way back.

The tour begins on Sunday June 30th departing Cheyenne Wyoming and heading for Rollins. Interestingly they only seem to be making one whistle stop each day, on previous tours there have been two or three most days. The fewer stops are interesting because that time is used by the train crew to inspect and grease the locomotive. It's also not great for all of the Railfans that want to see the locomotive up close. The other thing that is missing from the schedule is the estimated departure time for each day so those of us out there chasing know when we have to be in ready to go in the morning and the end times are also not included letting us know how long our days will be. Having chased 4014 every year I'm sure that UP will release this information as we get closer to June 30th. At least planning can now go ahead with booking flights and hotels based on the schedule provided.

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