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TS2021 DTG NJT ALP-46 Sound & Physics Mod

This is the DTG New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast Line ALP-46 (46A) & Comet Car Physics & Sound Mod Pack V1.5

In order to utilize this freeware physics & sound upgrade, you must have purchased the "Train Simulator: NJT ALP-46 Loco Add-On" available here:

This is a freeware pack; in no way is it to be used for commercial purposes. You are free, however to further modify the physics & sound enhancements found in this pack for personal use if you so choose.


The purpose of this pack is to make minor physics adjustments to the ALP-46 locomotive, include an ALP-46A Physics set and road numbers, and introduce more accurate sounds for the DLC.

Version 1.0 includes updated horn and bell sounds from Chris Reynolds (MilwaukeeNorth418). Many thanks to him for allowing me to use his sounds free of charge for this mod.

Version 1.5 includes horn sound for Comet V from Chris Reynolds (MilwaukeeNorth418) and interior bell sound from me.

Version 2.0 will include the signature JohnS brake fix.

General Parameter Change Log (Physics):

  1. Slight tweak of TE and Dynamic Brake curves.

  2. Include physics and road numbers for ALP-46A; follow instructions below to switch between physics.

General Parameter Change Log (Sounds):

  1. New K5LA horn and steel bell recorded directly off of an ALP-46 unit.

  2. New Comet IV door chime included.

  3. Replaced default traction motor sounds and code with custom code and new traction motor sounds (for both ALP-46 and ALP-46A).

  4. Includes option to choose between stell bell and e-bell; follow instructions below to switch between bells.

  5. Removes the annoying non-mono brake sounds from the Comet cars.

Technical specifications for ALP-46/46A:

  1. Bombardier ALP-46 (5480 kW THP; GTO Inverters)

  2. Starting tractive effort of 71,000 lbs (316 kN)

  3. Continuous tractive effort of 57,840 lbs (257.0447 kN) @ 47.7 mph

  4. Dynamic Brake effort of 34,000 lbs (150 kN) @ 83.53 mph; flat curve down to 5 mph, fade to 0 lbs @ 2 mph.

  5. Wheel horsepower of 7,456 hp (5,480 kW) @ 53 mph

  6. Maximum speed of 100 mph

  7. Weight = 198,400 lbs (90 metric tons)

  8. Max traction amps = 710

  9. Max brake amps = 340

  10. Bombardier ALP-46A (5600 kW THP; IGBT Inverters)

  11. Starting tractive effort of 71,000 lbs (316 kN)

  12. Continuous tractive effort of 53,279.71 lbs (237 kN) @ 53 mph

  13. Dynamic Brake effort of 34,000 lbs (150 kN) @ 83.53 mph; flat curve down to 5 mph, fade to 0 lbs @ 1 mph.

  14. Wheel horsepower of 7,504 hp (5,600 kW) @ 53 mph

  15. Maximum speed of 125 mph

  16. Weight = 202,822 lbs (92 metric tons)

  17. Max traction amps = 710

  18. Max brake amps = 340

IMPORTANT; Install Instructions

  1. Open the following directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\NJT-Alp46"

  2. Open the "DTG_NJT_ALP-46_Sound_And_Physics_Mod.rar" file

  3. Drag both folders from the .rar file into the directory from step 1.

  4. Physics & Sound mod installation is complete.

  5. Run TS2016 to confirm.

User's Manual: READ THE README FILE FOR THIS INFO; it is too long to include here.

NOTE: For added realism, remember that the ALP-46 can use both the e-bell and steel bell, but the ALP-46A only comes equipped with the e-bell, so if running with 46A physics, #s, and motor sounds, make sure you've selected the e-bell as well.

Thank you for downloading and installing.

Please contact me if there is a problem with the functionality of this mod pack.

Enjoy =)

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