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Weekend Track Work


MNR Hudson Line


6 M7 Multiple Units


1 Hour 20 Minutes


It's the weekend so there are not too many trains to meet. Usually this would mean an easy trip to Grand Central but, not today. Today the northbound track is closed from Yankees all the way to Marble Hill due to track work. With only one track open in the area you may have to wait for that track to be clear before you can proceed. Expect less than clear signals approaching the area. Also it is critical that you stay close to the timetable, if you are too late the Express to Poughkeepsie will get cleared into the single track ahead of you.

Install Instructions:

Unzip the file into the your main Railworks folder.  Due to the file structure of the download this should automatically add the scenario to the proper folder.  Run Train Simulator Classic to confirm.


Required Content:

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